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220KV clean flame retardant cross-linked cables

ProductUsage:This product is suitable for 220KV power transmission system. For thetransmission of electricity purposes. Low smoke without flame retardantperformance is higher than the national standard of flame retardant, widelyused in air…Detail

110~220kV Venvironmental-friendly antibiosis XLPE cables

ProductUsage:This productis suitable for 110-220kV power transmission and distribution system for thetransmission of electrical energy, low smoke no accounting for the flameretardant performance higher than the national standard, widely us…Detail

Metal sheath inorganic mineral insulated cables

Product Usage:- Public buildings: Convention Center, Convention and Exhibition Center, Expo Center; Stadium, hotels and restaurants; hospitals, schools, government buildings; banks, libraries, department stores; airports, stations, ports an…Detail

Photovoltaic cable

Product Usage:Solarphotovoltaic cable used in communications, electricity, weather, radio andtelevision, waterway coordinates lights, railways, photovoltaic power plantsand other fields of power connections. Can also be applied to large te…Detail